Fire Threatens School District Building

July 4th fireworks thought to be the cause

By Bryan Harrison

In the wake of the biggest, and arguably the best, Independence Day celebration Mountain House has seen, fire later in the night breaks out near Central Park. Illegal fireworks-related activity appears to be the cause of a blaze that quickly engulfed a majority of the 26-plus acre area that will one-day become the town center.

Moving quickly from the area adjacent to the Central Park Tennis Courts southward, the wind blew the flames in the direction of the Lammersville Unified School District building, less than a quarter mile away.

One of the MH Fire Dept off-duty fire Captains was among those who responded to the scene. He and his crew quickly took action to secure the school district office. The wind, ultimately, swooped flames around and away from the threatened building, even before a fire-break could be made.

"Turned out there was a good ditch and berm that acted as a safeguard to the building," he commented. On the other side, fire reached the very edge of the fence-line just east of the tennis courts. No structures were damaged and, thus far, no reports of injuries. Residents gathered throughout the area to get a closer look.

The realization of what can happen here when perhaps even just one bottle rocket lands in the wrong place.

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