Tremendous Support for All New Farmers Market

Weekly Sunday Morning market launched August 20 at Wicklund Park draws more than expected

By Bryan Harrison
Mountain House now has its own weekly farmers market!
Turn-out for opening day of the all-new Mountain House Farmers Market showed up as a very pleasant surprise to all concerned. Community support far exceeded expectations and surpassed planning. While organizers did plan for a strong show of residents to shop amongst the 27 market vendors, they could only hope the people would respond in such fashion. Folks flocked to the event from every village in town, for farm-fresh produce, baked goods and kettle-corn, fresh cheeses and more.

Held along the periphery of Wicklund Park, vendors were set up along either side of the sidewalk. With so much foot traffic, the space was cramped, but no doubt added to the energy in the air.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our MH Farmers Market ! It was a great start this past Sunday!,” stated Vaidehi Mahesh. “Will look forward to it every week now! Farm to table food is beyond delicious!!”

Tirzah Stenner said “Loved it. The vendors were friendly, offering samples. Can’t wait for next week.” Organizer, Angel Lamb, was clear that adjustments to congestion will be addressed. “We are going to make changes so that we have more walkway space,” she said afterward. “We are going to spread out the vendors a little more and move some high traffic vendors as well. We will tweak things until we get it just right,” she assured.

Efforts to establish a successful farmers market have been an ongoing process. “The attendance for the Farmers Market was much better than I anticipated,” Ms. Lamb stated. “After 3 years I am so glad that I was finally able to get this going,” she added. “We are going to be adding more vendors and excited to have a few Mountain House residents as vendors for this event.” An estimated 3,500 people turned out for opening day, over the course of the four hour market. Farmers’ Market hours are Sunday mornings, 8am-noon at Wicklund Park.

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