County Planning Commission Hearing Set for Town Hall & Library Construction

By Bryan Harrison

Stockton, CA - A date has been set for the review and approval of the San Joaquin County Referral for construction of the Mountain House Town Hall and Library/Learning Center. Following release of the Community Development Department’s Referral Announcement in May, a Planning Commission hearing has been slated to be held Thursday September 7, 2017 at 6:30pm at the Public Health/Planning Auditorium, 1601 East Hazelton Avenue, Stockton. The public is welcome to attend this hearing. Assuming the Planning Commission approves the plans as submitted, the next step in the process before construction permits may be drawn will be for the County Board of Supervisors to sign-off with their blessing.

“It’s finally happening,” stated County Community Development Planner, John Funderburg.

Public support is said to be one of the weighing factors with the Planning Commission. Whether attending in person, or expressing one’s wishes with local governing representatives who are likely to be in attendance, the voice of the people may be heard at such a hearing, Mountain House Matters has been assured.

Stated hopes by developer, Mountain House Developers, LLC, and Mountain House Community Services District leaders, is that construction may begin in the Spring of 2018. “There are a lot of intricacies that go into producing a final map,” Mr. Funderburg explained, indicating that all involved have done their due diligence to get to this stage of the process. CSD General Manager, Ed Pattison, expressed the need to stay on time with this project, as the lease of the current CSD offices expires after December 2018.