MH Farmers Market Extends to Year 'round

New hours announced: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., as well

By Bryan Harrison - posted October 27, 2017

The newest Sunday morning tradition in Mountain House appears to be catching on. The Mountain House Certified Farmers’ Market, located every Sunday morning at the edge of Wicklund Park, along Legacy Dr. and around the corner at Historic, is going year ‘round.

Market Manager, Bill Harlow, with All Bay Farmers’ Market Association, made the announcement October 16, 2017. “Great news! We’ve decided to extend the new farmers’ market here in Mountain House to go year ‘round,” he stated.
Launched originally just this past August, the initial plan was to run just through November 19th, anticipating a Winter break, with plans to start-up again in the Spring. However, support has been consistent enough, Harlow said, that his organization, and the associated market vendors, are willing to keep things going.
“We really appreciate everyone’s support,” Bill said. “We are going to need it throughout the winter/lean times,” he added. Additionally, the market hours are being changed to 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. from the previous 8am-noon.
“We set the hours earlier to start in consideration of the Summer heat,” Harlow said. We’ll go with these more traditional market hours through the Winter and likely go back to the earlier time slot next Spring/Summer.” Farmers’ markets provide much more than just fruits and vegetables. A veritable store on the street corner is now available to the Mountain House community on a weekly basis.

“Come on out and get your fresh, in-season produce, artisan baked goods, hummus, fresh fish,” Bill encouraged. “For lunch you can pick up tamales, and pizza coming soon. We have Jolt Coffee in the mornings and fresh asian vegetables,” he added. “We also have American organic vegetables and, during winter, a full array of citrus: Oranges; mardarins; grapefruit; pomelos; and more. Of course, there’s also local honey and farm-fresh eggs.”

Harlow expressed some concern about how well the word is getting out throughout town. “We have heard stories of people in other villages being completely unaware that there is now a farmers’ market in town,” he said. “Tell your friends,” he encouraged. “It’s a good community. We are hoping to grow and build as we develop awareness in the other villages. This market will survive only by the support and participation from residents throughout all the villages of Mountain House.”
A big benefit of this market is presented by the presence of Dave’s Meat service, out of Turlock, and Dayrit’s Fresh Seafood, out of Union City. Dave’s provides all kinds of great beef, chicken, tri-tip, ribs, hamburger meat, t-bone, jerky, frank furters and more. Dayrit’s Fresh Seafood brings in fresh-caught fish and a variety of seafood items.
Bill’s organization, All Bay Farmers’ Market Association, now manages markets in four locations around the expanded Bay Area, reaching from Alamo to Saratoga in the immediate Bay Area, out to Rio Vista and now Mountain House in the exurbs region.
Click for a complete photo gallery from the October 20, 2017 market.

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