Students Honored by LUSD Board for Perfect Scores

By Bryan Harrison - posted October 27, 2017

The agenda for the October 18, 2017 Lammersville Unified School District Governing Board Meeting simply stated agenda item “V” as “Recognition: A. Perfect 2016-17 CAASPP Scores - Grades 5-11”. The standing room only crowd provided a quick hint that this represented something very special.

So many scholars were present, along with their families and supporters, to receive certificates and medals for perfect scores in Math and/or ELA testing. The numbers were so many, in fact, that District Superintendent, Dr. Kirk Nicholas, instructed the crowd to recognize each announced recipient with a single clap, versus the standard round of applause.
40 students were said to have achieved the English Language Acquisition ELA perfect score. Some two dozen were present this night to receive certificates and medals in person (each acknowledged with the single clap). 18 students received the perfect score award in Math, and 20 scholars achieved perfection in both ELA and Math.
“It was wonderful to see so many students performing at such a high level,” Dr. Nicholas stated. “In total, 78 students were honored. The CAASPP is given to students in grades 3 through 8, as well as grade 11, in Math and English/Language Arts,” he explained. “We want to thank our Teachers, Site Administrators, and Parents for providing an environment where students can thrive.”

Assistant Superintendent, Heather Sherburn, stated that these tests really do provide a comprehensive means of tracking the progress of students as they move through their years in the district. The Lammersville Unified School District ranks as the number one district in San Joaquin County, and has surpassed Livermore in the statewide testing, Nicholas reported.

Once the ceremony was complete and families had gone home, Sherburn, together with Associate Superintendent Thor Harrison, gave a presentation on the District’s Professional Development program later at the same meeting. The LUSD’s commitment to providing on-going training development of district teachers has done a great deal to help facilitate the results seen with the testing.
“We can see we’re on the right path,” she said. Stating the commitment of so many teachers who gave of their Summer 'off-time' to further themselves with the Professional Development training offered was commendable, she said. “We are doing all we can to teach our teachers how to better teach within this new system,” she explained. She also stated that, while great progress has been made, there is still plenty of work to be done.
On this night, the accomplishments were well worth celebrating.

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