Mountain House Matters! News Guy imageMountain House-based non-profit organizations and community groups are encouraged to submit your information for publication consideration. MH Matters' primary content is news about our town, so there is no charge for article submissions. That's always available.

We have also come to realize that sometimes even non-profits and community groups want to place paid advertising. So, MH Matters is pleased to announce a special rate schedule solely for such purposes.

Community Groups/Non-Profit Advertising Rates & Size Options
Mountain House Matters! monthly print publication

Advertising Placement Instructions

1) Choose Ad Run -
whether a one-time ad or a consistent monthly campaign, you get better than the best rate

As one of our valued locally-based community groups or non-profit organizations,
we are pleased to offer you a new, discounted, advertising rate schedule.

In addition to whatever article content we may include on your behalf, the New MH Non-Profit Rate program offers a wholesale rate schedule, exclusively for Mountain House clubs, groups, and non-profit organizations.
You may choose to run your ad for as little as one month, or more, and you get a better than the best deal rate.

2) Choose Ad Size - click for more

• Please peruse the Ad Size and Rates Chart below to determine a suitable ad size that fits within your non-profit budget and marketing plan. You can run a one-time ad at our wholesale pricing.
Hint: Comparing ads within the paper can help you decide on an ad size that will work for you.
(view pdf's of past issues)

3) Want Color? - click for more

MH Matters offers a limited amount of full processed CMYK color advertising, based on space availability. Each issue contains a maximum of eight (8) pages of full color, but less than two and a half of those pages are available for color advertising placements. Once full, we cannot ad more. Please do inquire about availability, all the same, if that is of interest to you. See Color Ad Rates Column D below.

4) Place Your Ad - click for more
  • Contact us with your desired ad size and we will email you an appropriate insertion order contract form for your authorization. Ad placements are only accepted with signed contract and authorized for of payment prior to publication. Payment by credit card is preferred, or check made to Mountain House Matters works, too.
  • From there, we will need whatever artwork you have for ad copy use, and will develop an ad copy design or two for your approval at little or in some cases no additional cost.

Mountain House Matters
Non-Profit Ad Rates & Size Specs

Ad Size Options: Dimensions: Non-Profit
Ad Rate

rate for a
Black Print-Only
in each monthly issue
Color Ad Rate

rate for a
Full-Color process ad
in each monthly issue
(based on availablity)

Full Page

10-1/8"w x 12-9/16"h $420 $680

3/4 page

7-7/16"w x 12-9/16"h $285 $520

1/2 page

Horz: 10-1/8"w x 6-3/16"h
Vert: 4-15/16"w x 12-9/16"h
$225 $370

3/8 page

7-9/16"w x 6-3/16"h $165 $285

1/4 page

Horizontal: 10-1/8"w x 3"h
Vertical: 4-15/16"w x 6-3/16"h
$125 $200

3/16 page

H: 7-9/16"w x 3"h $85 $165

1/8 page

Horz: 4-7/8"w x 3"h
Vert.: 2-5/16"w x 6-3/16"h
$55 $105

LImited to Mountain House-based groups, clubs, and non-profit organizations. No further discounts apply.
Publisher makes sole determination of elligibility.

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Standard Ad Rates

Thank you for your interest and consideration in sponsoring Mountain House Matters! We look forward to working with you soon.