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Advertising Placement Instructions

As one of our valued advertising sponsors, we offer you choices designed to fit your needs and wishes.
Please follow this four step guide in selecting a sponsorship level that works for you.
Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate your interest, and look forward to doing business.

1) Choose Your Ad Run

(consecutive issues - discounts apply)

Frequency Options:

1) One-Time Ad - Good for promoting one-time events, notices, etc.
2) 3 to 6-time Ad Series of monthly issues on discounted contract rate
3) Subscribing Sponsor*- min 12 mo. Ad - Best discounted contract rate
*Subscribing Sponsorships are ongoing following the initial 12 consecutive month term of your contract, month-to-month at those same terms, with just a 30-day notice to cancel at any time thereafter.
Restrictions apply. Please review contract details for specifics before signing.

2) Choose Your Ad Size

MH Matters offers a wide variety of available modular ad sizes, based on a 16 box grid/4-column page
Please peruse the Ad Size and Rates Chart below to determine the desired ad size that provides the right balance of desired visibility, budget and marketing plan.

Statistics show that consistent repeat advertising approach is your best bet for long term results.
For the most effective advertising, start with a solid marketing plan.

Professional Advertising advice (not affiliated with MH Matters)

3) Want Color?

MH Matters contains full color availability in each issue.
  • Generally, any of our standard ad sizes may be run with color, whether placed 1x, 3x, or at the best 12x discounted contract rate. Net total rate for color ads are shown below for each run level.

4) Place Your Ad

Email, call or text 209-597-8157 with your desired plan or to set up your placement. Ad placements are accepted with a signed contract and authorization for payment prior to publication.
Once your order is placed, please provide artwork image(s) and content for ad copy use, or provide print-ready artwork to size specs. As desired, MH Matters will work to develop an initial ad copy design for your approval, generally at no additional cost.

Mountain House Matters Monthly Ad Rates & Size Specification/Options

Ad Size Options:


Modular Ad Sizes based on a 16 block grid


Click links below to view
actual image sizes

1x Ad
Black Print

1 issue
Black Print
only ad placement

1x Ad
Full Color

1 issue
full color
ad placement

3x - 6x Ad
Black Print

Discounted Contract rate for each Black print-only ad in three (3) to six (6) consecutive monthly issues

3x - 6x Ad
Full Color

Discounted Contract rate for each full color ad in three (3) to six (6) consecutive monthly issues

Annual 12x Ad
Black Print

Sponsoring Subscriber* contract rate for each ad in minimum of twelve (12) consecutive monthly issues
ongoing month-to-month thereafter

Annual 12x Ad
Full Color

Sponsoring Subscriber* contract rate for each ad in minimum of twelve (12) consecutive monthly issues
ongoing month-to-month thereafter

Full Page

10"w x 11.5"h $799 $1194 $629/mo $1024/mo $529/mo $924/mo

3/4 page

7.375"w x 11.5"h $599 $854 $469 $724/mo $399/mo $654/mo

1/2 page

Horz: 10"w x 5.62875"h
Vert: 4.875"w x 11.5"h
$399 $604 $319/mo $524/mo $299/mo $474/mo

3/8 page

Horz: 7.375"w x 5.62875"h
Vert: 4.875"w x 8.625"h
$299 $464 $229/mo $394/mo $199/mo $364/mo

1/3 page

Horizontal: 10"w x 3.4375"h $249 $394 $199/mo $344/mo $169/mo $314/mo

1/4 page

Horizontal: 10"w x 2.75"h
Vertical: 4.875"w x 5.62875"h
$199 $324 $159/mo $284/mo $139/mo $264/mo

3/16 page

7.375"w x 2.75"h $149 $244 $119/mo $214/mo $99/mo $194/mo

1/8 page

Horz: 4.875"w x 2.75"h
Vert.: 2.375"w x 5.62875"h
$99 $164 $89/mo $154/mo $79/mo $144/mo

1/16 page

2.375"w x 2.75"h $69 $114 $59/mo $104/mo $49/mo $94/mo

* Subscribing Sponsor: 12x ad placements work on a subscriber-based billing cycle. 12 ads equals your minimum run. Following completion, ad may continue to run at same contract terms on a month-to-month subscriber basis. Publisher will and must provide 30 day written notice of any rate changes, and subscriber must provide 30 day written notice of intent to cancel placement following initial minimum 12x run.
Ads are generally paid-for on a monthly billing cycle, prior to publication - pay as you go.

Print Directory Listings

MH Matters Services Directory Print Listings
Two (2)line listing. May include company name, contact, phone, address, email or web site or descriptive tag. Addition line may be added at $5/month ($60/annually).

Listing Placement with no other advertising

($20/month for 12 month run) to be paid in full with placement

Discount Schedule for Listing Placed in Conjunction with various Display Ad placements

1/16 page: 15% discount = $17/mo, $204/yr
1/8 pg-1/3 pg: 25% discount = $15/mo, $180/yr
1/2 pg - 3/4 pg: 50% discount = $120/yr
3/4 pg - full pg: FREE LISTING
Corresponding listing discount applied when placed in conjunction with display ad. Payments may be added to monthly subscriber payment plan.
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Mountain House Matters! Publication Specs

    • Monthly Print Publication
    • Circulation - Every address within the 95391 zip code, mailed by USPS “Every Door Direct”, plus drop off site distribution at numerous locations in and around town. We continue to increase circulation as Mountain House grows - 4,955 pieces mailed as of August 2017 issue - total of residential & business, plus an additional 200-300 copies at drop-off sites.
    • Advertising Submissions - Ads may be placed at one-time (1x) open rates or contracted on our discounted three-time (3x) rate schedule, or on our twelve-time (12x) subscriber-based rate program (minimum 12 consecutive monthly issues)
    • Payment - All ads must be paid for prior to publication: monthly by way of credit card auto pay; quarterly; or in advance by check made payable to "Mountain House Matters". We gladly accept Mastercard, VISA, and American Express
    • Deadlines for ALL Submissions - See 2017 Deadline schedule

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Call, text or email for more information:
or call (209) 597-8157

Thank you for your interest and consideration in sponsoring Mountain House Matters! We look forward to working with you soon.